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Trodat Stamps Authorised Agent

Trodat Stamps are the stars of the stamping world. Their impression becomes the calling card of the modern business and personal needs. They can meet customer demands for differentiation and individuality. Their impression will emphasise your corporate and personal identity. We have stamps for the office, your business and personalised stamps. Our stamps are engraved by laser to meet exact individual requirements.

Globally repurpose strategic experiences for impactful expertise. Intrinsicly morph future-proof paradigms without equity invested catalysts for change

Inks & Pads

Our original Trodat inks have been developed to withstand extreme weather, hence maximum sharpness and color impressions. They are available in 5 different colours; black, green, blue, red and violet. Our micro-stamp pads are made with a unique pre-inked micro-p0rous material containing enough ink to last for years on normal usage and they are easy to re-ink when dry.


Our seals have a unique quality, easy to handle and extremely durable, are also impressive in their design. We have pockets seals and desk seals. they are popular with lawyers, companies, notaries, engineers and government departments. They are compact in size and have a high leverage which is easy to handle and gives you a clean crisp impression on most papers.

Laser Engraving

Our laser products are unique, we engrave on glass, wood, aluminum & stamps. Our laser machine is the best when it comes to engraving. We offer a 24hr service

Name Badges

name badge is a tag that people wear at events for identification, engagement and data intelligence. It’s a marketing tool for companies and a good way for people to identify one another. … 

Badges aren’t very complicated, but they are made up of multiple parts that all have to come together to do their job properly.